Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sweat Equity.

Having so much fun over the past few weeks made us realize how much work it takes to create an event/trail/park/venue for everyone to ride. For instance, if it wasn't for organizations like NYCMTB and the rider base in NYC, the Highbridge Project would never have taken off and that corner of the city would still be a hideout for drug addicts instead of a public space improving the community.
Look at it now!

Likewise the crew at Get Dirty has been hard at work grooming some sick trailwork this month. Check them testing out all their hard work with BMW hardware in this video(QT. Give it a min to load).

So if you're ride is busted, check online or call up your local bike shop to see if an extra pair of hands and a shovel can make a difference in your neck of the woods. It's just a little downtime that will pay off for countless seasons ahead.