Thursday, November 15, 2007

Spaghetti Western.

This weekend the ninth annual Cranksgiving alleycat will be held in NYC. It's a free event which reqires racers to hit various groceries throughout the city and buy certain items of food . The first person at the finishline with reciepts from all grocery store checkpoints wins. All food items will be donated to a local NYC soup kitchen.

So before you spend next week getting soused and fighting at the dinner table, take some time out of your busy weekend so those less fortunate can do do the same thing.

It's a lot like this, but with bikes and better music:

Canada, on the other hand, celebrates their version of Thanksgiving in early october. According to super accurate internet history, Canadian Thanksgiving is a different sort of celebration, where the Royal Kilted Yaksmen return home to break bread over the Yule log in celebration of Martin Frobisher's kinship with the indians, unlike their American neighbors who killed off all the dinosaurs and forced the natives into backward pits of gambling hell...

Regardless, our point is that Canadians love racelinks, and we got a few pics of a pair of dropmachines in we sent up north a few weeks ago, built and ready to hit the mountain.