Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Harvard's ok if that's your thing.

As much as it pains new Yorkers to acknowledge, the lesser of two evils prevailed last week over the Colorado Rockies to win their second World Series in four seasons. While NY probably isn't quite ready to give its congratulations, a custom ordered SR6 gives a nod towards our neighbors over in Bean Town.

With Avid ultimate stoppers, DT 5.1s on Hope hubs, and some custom carbon fiber Brooklyn skunkworks, this thing is gonna be sick.

To top off this do-everytrail rig, Marzocchi sent us one of their 08 55ATAs, a combination of the Z1, AM, and a healthy dose of steroids.

The fork features both TST and ATA and all those fancy acronyms are adjusted by these knobs on the top of each leg.

And love it or leave it, they've infused the entire 08 lineup with that classic sense of subtle Italian style.

Also, somehow we're already down to our last hand full of the crooklyn: Made in the US, modeled by American child slaves, grab one before they're gone.
[note: he's a Yankee fan]