Monday, March 9, 2009


Of last month's SR orders, the most interesting destination was to Slovenia, where our friend Boris is decking out his SR with an Avalanche Chubie and new BOS N'Dee singlecrown fork.

We admittedly don't know much about the riding over there in Slovenia, but they have seaside towns like these, and with the NE weather being so tempermental as of late, we're springing for a plane ticket instead of a UPS label next time around.

Pictures from NAHBS have invaded the internet, here are a few that we pulled from the weekend in Indy:
Photo By Darren Lee:Photo by Darren Lee:
Photo By Darren Lee:
Photo by Maya Labat:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Indy Weekend update.

The shop was all over the country this weekend with Joe, Darren, and Ken, and Maya visiting the NAHBS in Indiana and hitting up RAYS along the way.

Pics and ride report are coming, but since NYC got a nice dumping of snow, we'll turn our attention to Toff riding in England (and BKLN), where the ride conditions are actually better right now...

Our Backyard...(it was 53 degrees last week)
Toff's Backyards...