Thursday, July 31, 2008

Everyone's a winner...

...when it comes to being sexy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Broked off contest.

The first person to recognize what this is and where it came from will recieve a Brooklyn Machine Works dental gift basket.

Drop us an Email with your entries. Or submit your choice on the forums.
In other tooth related news, a gigantic can of Redbull pulled up to the shop to give us cans of a drink that's as equally good for your heart as it is for your tooth enamel.
Truly, they are the masters of viral marketing.

While freebies are always appreciated, the visit made us appreciate another aspect of life here at the shop: When it's 95 degrees outside you're likely never going to have to wear a suit, tie, or giant insulated beverage cooler strapped to your back.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thrash Bike.

The boys at the new are throwing down in the city this weekend, sessioning all the major spots (and a few hidden ones) before heading to the Brooklyn Banks on Sunday for a an open street MTB jam.
Expect to see Brooklyn representing on the banks and in the judging tables, scoping out the talent and working in the latest versions of the ACL. See you there.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Courier Classic

Last Saturday the city was host to the biggest inaugural alleycat of the year- the Courier Classic where teams of three riders and a dispatch raced for cash and the title of the fastest team of messengers in New York.

There was a lot of Redbull, hauled in by lots of Redbull Girls.

(profile hubs are smooooooth)
Early on one team started to show their dominance, and continued to pull ahead after four straight hours of racing. Each of the three winning racers rode handbuilt frames all designed, tested, and built in house, including (of course) our rider Austin Horse, who has been rocking it all year on his Gangsta Track.
Thumbs up (way to go, congrats, etc... we're running out). You make this shiz look easy.
(Photo Thanks to Luke Stiles and Joao: click for Flickr Sets)

Friday, July 4, 2008

The shop will be closed today for the fourth of July weekend. Huge thanks goes out to everyone out there who made this year our most successful ever, keeping us busy designing, testing, and building each and every Brooklyn Machine Works right here in the USA.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All City.

The crew over at NYCMTB are holding their second annual All City cross country race, the only legal mountainbike race series on the island of Manhattan, with $1000 in cash prizes.

According to the organizers:
• The course has been expanded to 4 miles from the 2.125 miles of last
year. The course includes more urban park terrain including stairs, paved paths with broken pavement, graffiti'd overpasses, etc., and the non-singletrack sections will make the race a bit less brutal than last year, and less repetitious.
• Please use tough tires. The Highbridge trails are urban trails, and although we scour the trails before the race to remove debris and glass, there is no way for us to remove everything. Paper-thin race tires are not suitable for the course. [Edit:That means you, racerboys]

Pre-registration is $30, $40 the day of. Junior classes only 5 bucks.
For more information or bikereg, Click here.