Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gangsta' Track framesets, in stock and ready to ship!

It's been a long time coming, but our first batch of Brooklyn designed, V2. Gangsta' framesets are now ready to go.  The frameset includes a V2. Gangsta' Track frame, one of our "Cluster-forks", a Brooklyn branded integrated headset, a seatpost, and seatpost clamp.  MSRP for all of this is $595. Stock colors are currently a "raw clearcoat" and "fire-engine red".  Custom colors are available for an additional charge.  The frame and fork are both drilled to allow for the mounting of a caliper type brake.  Dealer inquiries are welcome.

Two sizes are currently available.  We are calling them "Long" and "Short", in reference to the effective top tube length of the frame.  Because of the sloping top tube on the Gangsta' Track, standard seattube measurements can be misleading.  The Gangsta' Track rides larger than it's low standover height would suggest. Take a look at the geometry charts and compare the top tube length to other frames to get an idea of what size you would want to ride. Also, a rough guideline would be that someone <5'10" would ride a "short" and >5'10" will probably be more comfortable on a "long".
Short Version...
Long Version...

The geometry of the frame and fork is the same tried and true formula that helped to launch a new wave of  fixed gear bikes, when the first Gangsta' Track was made in the summer of 2005.  Since then, the Gangsta' Track has been in constant evolution.  The latest step in this evolution has been a move to having the Gangsta' Track designed in Brooklyn and manufactured in Taiwan.  This move allowed us to make use of manufacturing technology and processes that would not be available to us while building the Gangsta' Track in our small shop at 16 Powers St.  The added benefits are that we can keep the price reasonable and have frames in stock with much greater regularity. We've been working on this project for a long time and we're very happy with quality, fit, and finish of these frames.  We think you will be too.

Fresh new head-tubes with an engraved Brooklyn logo.  The head-tubes are also internally butted to add strength, while keeping weight reasonable.  A feature we believe is unique to our frames.  It's been dubbed the "Butt-Head".  The downtube is gusseted also.

True Temper "Supertherm" butted, air-hardening,  tubing is used for the top and down tubes on the Gangsta'.  These tubes are made in the U.S.A. and are used on almost all high end BMX frames these days.

The chainstay and seatstay tubing of the frame is custom drawn and butted to our specs.  Tire clearance is about 43mm and we've added a seatstay bridge for mounting of a brake or fender.

The seatstay junction of the Gangsta' Track is probably the most recognizable feature of the frame.  The pierced top tube allows for an extra large weld area for the seatstay, making for a very stiff and strong rear triangle.

The rear dropouts are spaced at 120mm and slotted for a 10mm axle.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

They're here.....

Long, tiring day at the shop.  Gangsta' V.2's have officially hit the shores...

Full writeup and specs tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone for the support.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Gangsta' forks are back!

We finally got around to making another batch of Gangsta' forks. These are the original version that have been out of production for some time now. Plans are to make these well into the future, so hopefully they will be in stock with some regularity.  While not necessarily meant for the demands of modern trick riding, these forks do have a distinctive look and toughness that stands out on a variety of frames.  Axle to crown height is 410mm. MSRP is $195 and standard colors are black or clear-coat. Cantilever brake mounts can be added for an additional $25 as well.  Give us a call or email to order yours.

Handmade at 16 Powers St. in Brooklyn, NY USA.
The fork legs are seamless, cold-drawn, 4130 "ProMoly Streamline Tubing"  made in the USA by  Plymouth Tube Co.

While not as tough as our "cluster-fork", there's still plenty of beef on these, compared to most forks.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Back in the saddle again....

After a tough year of recovery from a run-in with a car, video dude and longtime BMW rider, Dan Bowhers is back and riding a new V2 Big Ben.  He recently acquired a GoPro HD camera and is going to continue the rehab and document his progress along the way.  

Congrats on the comeback Dan.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Cluster-fork clearance!!!!!

For a limited time, our unicrown "Cluster-forks" are available for $95 direct from BMW. We need to make some room in our warehouse, i.e, the space next to the milling machine. Weighing in at 1130 grams, these are some of the lightest forks, that are designed for FGFS, currently available. They feature custom drawn, butted, and heat-treated tubing. The axle-to-crown height is 410mm, and the offset is 32mm. These forks fit well on a variety of bikes and would be a big step up in strength and stiffness for most setups. They come drilled for caliper brake use and cantilever mounts can be added for an additional cost. Available in raw metal or satin black powdercoat. Email or call us to order.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Your ride is more thorough on a "Tour-boro"....

The latest frame to come out of 16 Powers St. is the Tour-boro. Built for exploring the city, getting out into the country, and just having some fun on the daily commute. Slicing through traffic, jumping the occasional curb cut, and maybe even some dirt thrown in for good measure. Fixed is fast, gears are faster. Internally geared hubs are low maintenance and efficient. The Tour-boro is built around a Shimano Alfine hub but can also be setup as a single speed. The geometry is a close cousin to the Gangsta and Launchpad. Fast, stable, and tough, while keeping responsiveness intact. 73mm BB, 135mm dropout spacing, and a choice of cantilever or caliper brake mounts. Two frame sizes available currently with a third larger size coming soon. MSRP for the frame and fork is $850 including a choice of a wide array of powdercoat colors. Complete builds are available. Made in Brooklyn.

The Tour-boro comes with a choice of cantilever or caliper brake mounts.

The Shimano Alfine hub is the nicest internally geared hub we have used.

Gusseted front triangle for pothole bashing and curb launches.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Return of the Gangsta' Track!

We're pleased to announce that one of our most venerable frames will soon be available in a new and improved frameset. The Gangsta' Track V.2 is constructed of U.S. made True Temper Supertherm main tubes, and custom drawn tubing for the chainstays and seatstays. The frameset also includes our custom drawn and heat treated "Clusterfork", as well as our house brand seatpost and integrated headset.

The geometry is the same tried and true formula that helped to launch a new wave of fixed gear bikes, when the first Gangsta Track was produced in the summer of 2005. In the ensuing time, the frame has evolved. The latest step in this evolution is a move to having the Gangsta' Track designed in Brooklyn and produced in Taiwan. This move allowed us more manufacturing possibilities, while still keeping the price reasonable. We've been working for some time to make this happen and we're happy with the result.

The frame and fork are both drilled to allow for the mounting of a caliper type brake. Tire clearance is about 43mm. The stock paint colors are a Fire-engine red or a raw clearcoat. The MSRP will be $595. We expect to have framesets in stock by late October. Dealer inquiries are welcome. Other powdercoat options are available for a fee of $75. Cantilever brake mounts can also be added to the frame and/or fork for an additional fee.

Our frameset includes our branded seatpost and headset. MSRP is $595.

Our unicrown "Clusterfork" is also available separately. It's 1160 grams with a 275mm steer tube. Brooklyn design throughout.

Butted tubes and a down-tube gusset are new additions. Also, the head-tube has an internally reinforced shape. It's been dubbed the "Butt-Head".

Still featuring the the signature seat-stay junction. Maximum weld area, makes it one of the toughest out there.

The chain-stay and seat-stay tubing is drawn to a our own custom profile. It has some resemblance to the previous generation of Gangsta', but makes for a much stiffer rear triangle.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flatrat stems!!!

Here's some info on the stems.

They're available in a 35, 55, or 70mm reach with a 31.8mm bar clamp diameter. The weight is between 220 and 240 grams depending on the size. Colors are either a clear or black anodizing. Also, still made in the USA out of 7 series aluminum. MSRP is $95.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The return of the Park Bike....

We've been working on many new models this past year. The most recent to make it out the door is the new for 2010 V2. Parkbike. It's built around 24" wheels, has 135mm spacing in the rear, and an adjustable disc brake mount. The main tubes are True Temper Supertherm, and it's weighing in at 4lbs. 9oz.

Friday, July 2, 2010

F... yea!

Details to follow. Have a good holiday.

Friday, May 28, 2010

enjoy the weekend....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lanchpad revise...

We've got some revised Launchpad frames making it out of the shop this week. They have more rear tire clearance, and some lighter tubing has dropped about a 1/4 pound of weight from the frame. They're currently available in a few different colors besides the usual red, black, and clear. MSRP is $800 for the frameset. That includes one of the new, custom drawn, butted, and heat-treated V2. "Clusterforks" and we'll even throw in a Brooklyn headset. The forks are currently available on their own at a MSRP of $149 and come in a semigloss black finish.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Big Weekend...

The weather is gonna be nice, get out and ride some bikes.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Big Ben 26" frames!

The first of the new generation of hardtail frames from Brooklyn are starting to make their way out into the world now. The "Big Ben" is our 26" wheel hardtail. It has a parallel 70 degree HT and ST angle, 22.375" TT, 15.75" CS, .75" BB drop, and is currently weighing in at 4lbs. 14oz. of made in Brooklyn niceness. The top and down tubes are True Temper Supertherm BMX tubing and the MSRP is $700. Here's a shot of Joe's bike built up and ready for summer. Look for Jim Davage and John Hewitt to be running these on the 4X and dirt jumping scene in the UK in the near future.

Also, check out a feature from last week that John from Prolly is not Probably did on our somewhat jumbled shop. Thanks a lot John.