Monday, October 29, 2007

Sneak Peek Monday... Profile Fixed Hubs

Wrecked after the Halloweekend in Brooklyn and Diablo, we were nursing our bruises and coffee when UPS santa brought us these CNC beauties for Gangsta riders Austin Horse and Tom Lamarche.

Profile Racing, an icon in core BMX and downhill mountainbike parts, has been sending out prototypes of their fixed hubs for a while, torture testing and refining the design for real world use. We received the final production versions and the results are very impressive.

The front weighs in at just 230 grams w/cro-mo hardware.We chose the Ano red which takes on nice deep wine color when the flash is off.

Note how strong the flanges look.
1/4" allen bolts secure the ends.

We also nabbed a 32h rear hub that weighs in at 270g. In addition to the superfly machining, it comes with the most solid stainless lockring we've ever seen.

We decided to inspect the guts because...well,because we're a machine shop and that's how we roll. A pair of 3/16" allens remove the endcaps which conceal a pair of huge 6902 Enduro brand sealed cartridge bearings which is why the hubs have such a smooth spin and will undoubtedly last longer than the 600x sized bearings that are de rigueur for most sealed bearing track hubs.

The inner bearing races seat on both the threaded endcaps and on the massive aluminum axle that ties the hubs together, allowing for fine adjustment of bearing preload and creating an absolutely solid platform.

We can't wait to lace them up and wail on them. Long term reports will come mid-way through a nasty Brooklyn winter.

The hubs are now available through your LBS or direct from profile, in several tasty colors. Here's the rundown:
# 28, 32, 36 hole drillings
# 120 or 130 mm rear wheel spacing, 110mm spacing available if demand warrants
# bolt on or quick release axle ends
# CrMo or Ti bolts
# 44mm fixed, 47mm free chain line, English/ISO 1.29" x 24 TPI lockring (included)
# Equal sized hub flanges for same length spokes front and rear
# smooth, fast sealed bearings [edit: confirmed, they're damn smooth!]
# Made in USA

Fixed Hubsets are available in Deep Purple, Red, Green, and Silver now, and Black and Blue will arrive soon. Be the first kid on your block.

Halloweekend updates will come as the fog dissolves and flickr gets a churnin'.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We Love it When You Call Us Big Poppa.

Damn we've received a lot of love from the West coast this year! From Utah to Cali and all the way up to Vancouver, people have been rockin' Brooklyns all over the streets and trails.
For instance, here's a sneak peak at part of an order for our patient friends at Orange 20 , who are getting some custom fall colorways to grace the streets of Los Angeles.
Given the craptacular weather here in the greater NY Metropolian area, we are a little jealous of their climate, but a little drizzling is a small price to pay to live in the city that hosts Saturday's Bike Kill, a staple celebration of, well...everything NY and bikes.

According to Black Label:
"This is for everybody. Don't think its not your scene. We put a tremendous amount of work into this one day and night so that strangers and people who dont typically do this sort of thing can have a blast. Encourage all of your friends, especially non bike riding ones to join you. And don't throw bottles off the roof."

As a prelude, on Friday night our bike-superheroes at Times Up! are throwing their annual Halloween party, which has grown to such massive proportions people are literally beating down the doors to get in. You'll dance so hard your SIDIs will split! Meet at the north side of Union Square at 7pm for an unrelated good time, or check out the calendar for more info.

We can only hope that all of our supporters on the left coast and abroad are having a similar Rocktober; remember- as long as it's on two wheels it's all good!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Recap:

GED was in last Friday to top off the best summer of welding and riding in BMW history. Despite the thunderstorms, the grill was fired up and enough burnt hotdogs and Magners were consumed that Arone tried to kill the flash tripod in her new crooklyn cap.

Despite cider heartburn Joe met up with the blokes from across the pond to finish up Europe's first batch of production SR6's, which received some custom powdercoat jobs including clear stardust over raw:

and a black aurora sparkle w/satin red links:

Meanwhile, while things were churning at the shop getting ready for a weekend at Diablo, the Los Marcos Mayhem Polo Tournament was underway in the Lower East Side.
There was, indeed, mayhem, dancing, girls beating boys, girls beating on boys, and even some friendly polo was played...sort of.
(all pics shamelessly strongarmed/stolen from Dylan and TRRRD...Thanks and/or suckit! More ephemeroi pics here and here.)

In end, our friend Dumptruck from the windy city won MVP for the weekend and took home the $400 mallet , a Brooklyn Machine Works creation made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelene, self-lubricating delrin, and magnesium chunks for effect.

We can't wait for next year's tourney. Los Marcos is warned das expect MAS BMW ACTIONES!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Viva los Autocad!

The latest run of milled aluminum bits from 16 powers is still warm from anodizing and the new satin red SR6 links look fast just sitting on the table!

We're really excited about this new design and we know our riders will appreciate the BKLN love that went into each and every frame.
These final pieces will round out the first production run of the SR6, which were sold out entirely on preorder. Thanks! We're currently taking orders for the second run and adding the production version to the bikes page soon.

Ged is flying in from England on Friday, so we're treating him to an all star American weekend of fine cuisine, downhilling at Diablo , and terrorist hunting.

Also, for those of you in the NYC area that aren't hitting the trails... if you're really into Mexican Wrestling, Metal, and bike polo then life has come full circle and you can die happy after this weekends Los Marcos Mayhem Tournament:

To tell the truth were not 100% sure what is going on but were sure it's going to be awesome, and the top players will be rewarded with some prizes from the brooklyn CNC. See you there.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


We've all been there. At one time or another all of us have felt the pain you get waiting for the arrival of some new toy, super part, or (Brooklyn!) bike. Every day you check for progress, looking for signs, pestering the delivery man every chance you get, driving yourself crazy Xing out boxes on the calendar...
But then it arrives, and there is no greater satisfaction to know that all those months of saving and waiting and obsessing were worth it- a feeling all too familiar to our welder Seth and his wife Tristan, who after nine months of anticipation were rewarded with the most expensive gift of all:

On 10/10/07, during the middle of a fierce NYC thunderstorm, Kellan Phillip Rosco was born, expanding the the BKLYN family by a healthy 6 lbs and 10 oz.

Here's a pic of the happy father, dreaming of the day Jr. will drop into a halfpipe.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Last September we printed up a handful of cycling caps as part of our Interbike Survival Kit

The've been so popular that Luke had to sell the one off his head during last week's MASH premiere. We've decided to make a limited run of the crooklyn, which are available here on the website.

They're made right here in the USA of black cotton twill with a wicking inner band to keep you cool and dry, and unlike other's cardboard brim, we went with a plastic liner so your cap remains shapely and stink-free after years of love.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


What a busy weekend!

Half the crew went out to Diablo to take advantage of the perfect late summer weather and make sure every last aspect of the production SR6 was dialed.
Every drop was pinned, every rock garden pedal-bombed, and Maya didn't think twice to grab style points on his Brooklyn Racelink when someone whipped out the camera:

The rest of us stayed behind to session the Brooklyn Banks and welcome the newest addition to the Brooklyn Machine Works crew, Tom Lamarche, as he tore up the Manhattan brick and won first place on a prototype Gangsta track frame.

Photo by Sidney Lo

We hope everyone out there had an epic weekend too- here's to countless more.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


The MASH premiere is this sunday at St. Marks Church on Bowery. Free secure bike valet parking graciously provided by TIME'S UP.
In typical NY fashion, pre-events abound including a freestyle comp at the Brooklyn banks to find the east coast's answer to SF freestyle.
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The BMW crew will be representing with Austin Horse on his Gangsta and Tom Lamarche deomoing some new new hotness out of 16 powers. Step it up!

Friday, October 5, 2007


Yo, Brooklyn fans! Thanks for checking out the new news page.

We'll be updating here regularly with vids and pics, reviews, ride reports, shout outs, and everything new in our corner of Brooklyn.
We're back from Vegas interbike and the shop is running at 110% capacity. Production is wrapping up for the latest run of the SR6 and, as always, the Gangsta is red hot.

Here's a clip of one of our new welders Ken, formerly of FBM bikes, laying down some buttery welds with authority. Expect some eye popping work from the BMW crew for '08!