Monday, November 19, 2007

Nevermind the Bollocks.

Brooklyn Machine Works was reppin' in London over the weekend to see the sights and check out Ged's setup on his aurora black SR6.

(the curtains match the carpet!)
The riding was limited to big urban stair gaps and skatepark play, but the inital impression of the ROCO air is that it's fantastic. The earliest versions of Marzocchi's TST valving seemed to be a bit overdamped, but the latest offerings seem to have fixed the issue and are an excellent match for the SR6 compression ratio. We'll have longer term reviews after a winter of trailriding, but initial impressions are very good and it gave us something to consider on the long flight across the pond.

Back at home winter finally kicked in and reminded us New Yorkers that we have at least another year before the icecaps melt and floods our asses. Despite the nipply weather, riders from all over turned out for the Ninth Cranksgiving charity alleycat.
The custom prize bags were dope...

...and some old friends were pimpin' the latest in fall fashions.

Best of all some lucky families will have something to look forward to this Thursday as a ton of food was collected in the name of having fun riding a bike through traffic.

(Excellent pics lifted from Erin Nicole Brown and Morg)

[edit: There was a $100 afterparty at Last Resort, which proved again that bikes + booze = weird shirtless pics]