Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Get Pitted.

We finished packing a huge order for Japan's W-base, who have been slammed helping host the Tokyo MASH premiere . Our man Shadi flew over with the newest Gangsta Track to do what he does best, and he hit us back with a few snapshots of BROOKLYN Love in Japan: (He also went to a costume party , where he was dressed as a drunken unicorn.)

Back home, video featuring BROOKLYN ride Tom Lamarche became one of the top 100 youtube sports and action videos in the 24 hours after its posting.

(video by JohnProlly)

The shop was also busy cutting out 4130 for a prototype frame designed along with UK dirt jockey Jim Davage. We could claim that the project is hush-hush, but when Jim makes this look so easy, it's pretty evident as to what we've got in the works over winter...