Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Update

Here's a bunch of pictures we stole of stuff that happened this weekend:

Austin drank a Bunch of Redbull and rode too fast to get photographed, but check back for some photo action of Mr. Horse and the boys at Outlier...(heal up, Abe!)

NYC was was teeming with Luchadore-maked polo players for the Los Marcos Polo Tournament.
Check out Brooklyn rider and local Polo hero Doug D's blog for updates and a photo recap of this year's mayhem:

The afterparty ended up at 470 space, HasibiGBs, where the disparate corners of the NYC bike universe converged to get half-naked and dance:

Fiona, of Fifoycle fame, expresses her love of tie-dye after a full day of polo on her Gangsta Track.

Luke gets wastey faced and educates revelers as to the beverage pricing structure:

Internet celebrities can't believe the wore the same thing:

Adriana seen in Brooklyn for the first time since we tried to help set up her bike minutes before she took off to pedal it across the country fueled by sheer will and delicious delicious Vodka:

Fall is dizzy season for bikes in New York, we'll try to keep on top of some of it.
(Pics shamelessly stolen from Doug and Hannah, thanks for partying!-Luke)