Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We'll have what they're having.

As much as we like to think we have a good time here in Brooklyn, the real party on Powers Street are these two guys we found after lunch.
The guy on the right was busy polishing his top tube. The guy on the left, well, watch the video...

In other news, the London to Paris film will premiere tomorrow in the Lower East Side.

"On Thursday night, WNW will play host to the premiere of “London to Paris,” a film by Grace Ladoja. Documenting the journey of 10 riders traveling from London to Paris to the finale of the Tour de France this summer, and to meet Lance Armstrong at the opening of STAGES at Perrotin Gallery.
It’s a gorgeous short film and an uncanny portrait of the intersection of cycling and pop culture in 2009. The fact that many of the riders made the trip on fixed gear bikes makes their journey (and the film) that much more impressive.
Join us for the first NYC screening of “London to Paris” on Thursday October 30th at 7pm."