Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The first batch of the Brooklyn Machine Works "Clusterfork" is finally heading off to paint and will be ready to ship next week. Specs are as follows:

Axle-to-crown height - 410mm
Axle offset - 31.75mm
Axle slot - 9mm
Weight - 1360 grams
Handmade right here in our shop in Brooklyn, NY.

The legs have a slight two degree taper so that the average fixed tire isn't swimming in space, but still has clearance for just about any tire currently available.

One caveat of this first batch, the steertubes are a little on the short side, due to them originally being meant for bmx forks. New, longer steertubes are currently being made that should have plenty of length and will be used on the next batch that is due to go into production in the near future. So for now, the steertube length is 170mm with a few available at 195mm. Be sure to check your stack height before ordering one from the first batch. From what we can tell, the short ones will work with any of the Gangsta' frames currently out, provided that one isn't using a tall stem or spacers.

Lastly, they come in any color, as long as it's black and 990 mounts will be available in the next batch. Send us an email or call for any ordering or questions you might have. Thanks.