Friday, October 2, 2009


Taking a break from the Japan/Vegas trip, we'd like to point your attention to Ray's MTB park in Clevland, Ohio.

We've heard Ray and his dedicated crew have been hard at work since we visited last year, but we had no idea they were taking it to this level:

Check the Vid, or Ray's Site for all the new improvements:

We've been really surprised at how far Ray has come along in making his dream become a reality, and hope to see the park grow even further. We can't wait to make the trip back to Ohio, and if you get the chance to make it out there before we do, be sure to throw a leg over one of the Brooklyn demo bikes we have there and snap a pic of this box jump.

Booyah! Thanks, Ray!

(But maybe not the Gangsta Track since we'll be stopping production soon. )

Have a great weekend riding!