Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Recap:

GED was in last Friday to top off the best summer of welding and riding in BMW history. Despite the thunderstorms, the grill was fired up and enough burnt hotdogs and Magners were consumed that Arone tried to kill the flash tripod in her new crooklyn cap.

Despite cider heartburn Joe met up with the blokes from across the pond to finish up Europe's first batch of production SR6's, which received some custom powdercoat jobs including clear stardust over raw:

and a black aurora sparkle w/satin red links:

Meanwhile, while things were churning at the shop getting ready for a weekend at Diablo, the Los Marcos Mayhem Polo Tournament was underway in the Lower East Side.
There was, indeed, mayhem, dancing, girls beating boys, girls beating on boys, and even some friendly polo was played...sort of.
(all pics shamelessly strongarmed/stolen from Dylan and TRRRD...Thanks and/or suckit! More ephemeroi pics here and here.)

In end, our friend Dumptruck from the windy city won MVP for the weekend and took home the $400 mallet , a Brooklyn Machine Works creation made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelene, self-lubricating delrin, and magnesium chunks for effect.

We can't wait for next year's tourney. Los Marcos is warned das expect MAS BMW ACTIONES!