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Friday, April 25, 2008

Rock Out With Your Lock Out.

Our Man from Japan is in town, bearing gifts from afar, picking up material for B-Maniac.

Last time he was in town to pick up Japanese Gangstas, he lost a liver at Bike Kill and we're going to see if we can do better for 08. If you're in the NYC area follow along for what is going to turn out to be a bitchin' spring weekend of riding:

Friday night is a night of warehouse parties, the last of which is being thrown by our friends at Times-Up at their fancy new space in the West Village.

According to the invite:
"Dance party with the Rude Mechanical Orchestra & DJ D, an olympic-size trampoline, Hot Seat and video projection by Velchrome. 11pm to 12:30am the Traffic Jam tap dancers will perform with the Boom Boom Brooks Trio plus a Bicycle Fashion Show - be in it!"
Beer, trampolines , and bikes. (Map Here)

Then on Saturday morning, the boys at are throwing the first legal mountain bike race in Manhattan, Hustle and Flow. A 4 racer relay mixing disciplines of road, cross country, DJs and Downhill on a 16 minute course. (Map Here)

Wind down for prizes and brews at the Knitting Factory and catch the NYC premiere of Seasons, the new MTB film by The Collective (makers of ROAM). (Map Here)

Then ride the banks for one last hurrah and hope our Japanese friend is sober enough to not wind up like this on Sunday Morning.
(Map Here)