Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mo' Stickaz, Mo' Promblemz.

Decal flavors for the start of 08 are (in descending order) :
Red on white, white on red, gray on white, white on gray, black on white, white on black, green on white, white on green, and Cherry Garcia.
Full frame decal kits are available for $15 which includes 2 downtube, 1 headtube, 1 seattube, 1 small chainstay, and 1 large chainstay vinyl die-cut and shipping to the continental US.

They look great on any frame and are a great way to update the look of your Trapper Keeper.You'll probably get a few extras for your support.

In other news, it feels like 14degrees Fahrenheit outside, making us dream of last weekend when it was only 32 and we could hit the trails without having to wear a parka and 6 pairs of wool socks.

Austin suggests peeing on your hands to keep your fingers warm.