Thursday, January 3, 2008

Even though the temperatures dipped dropped into the teens over the weekend, the BROOKLYN crew was still out riding. Philly native Tom Lamarche sent us some pics from the first Tussle at the Tressles CX race, which he rocked on his Gangsta Track (check out the new profile cranks).

Here he is out of the holeshot

Neck and neck... is that a duct tape and paper plate race number?

Yea Boyyeee!

It wouldn't be a cross race without a few obstacles, and it wouldn't be Tom if he didn't get a little jiggy on the race course.
So be like Tom and get out and ride....all winter. Even if it's so cold that your taint freezes to your saddle, cancel your manicure, take off your skirt, and take a tip from Choppa and HTFU: