Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All City.

The crew over at NYCMTB are holding their second annual All City cross country race, the only legal mountainbike race series on the island of Manhattan, with $1000 in cash prizes.

According to the organizers:
• The course has been expanded to 4 miles from the 2.125 miles of last
year. The course includes more urban park terrain including stairs, paved paths with broken pavement, graffiti'd overpasses, etc., and the non-singletrack sections will make the race a bit less brutal than last year, and less repetitious.
• Please use tough tires. The Highbridge trails are urban trails, and although we scour the trails before the race to remove debris and glass, there is no way for us to remove everything. Paper-thin race tires are not suitable for the course. [Edit:That means you, racerboys]

Pre-registration is $30, $40 the day of. Junior classes only 5 bucks.
For more information or bikereg, Click here.