Friday, May 16, 2008

I will call him...Mini Me.

Who said the mountain is just for grown ups? Without better options for a truly trail-worthy bike for his 7 year old son, Joe whipped up this little gem- the smallest full suspension DH bike to come out of Brooklyn.
What were you riding when you were 7 years old?

Like father like son.

Drivetrain and braking are handled by Profile Jr cranks, SRAM X9, and BB7s, while suspension duties are carried by a tiny FOX RP23 air shock and a Marzocchi Z.1 mated to a custom machined flipped crown, providing 5" of usable travel (front and rear!) custom tuned for a 50lb. 7 year old.

It's safe to say that the little ripper is excited about hitting the trails with pops this season, so be sure to stop and say hi when you see them on the mountain .