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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


As the sport of mountain biking grows, so too does the black market for stolen bikes. Thieves are getting ballsier and more sophisticated in their tactics, as evidenced by the heist of the entire Brodie Pro team trailer in Vancouver a few weeks ago.

Things even got shook up in our neighborhood a few years ago when the shop was robbed of $40,000 worth of bikes. There were a few hot leads and a close call or two, but then the trail went cold and we figured the bikes were gone as we installed our new security system.
But on Monday the BROOKLYN dragnet was activated and after a few calls between the NYPD, the blue hitman was recovered in Manhattan.
Joe was there at the precinct to file the proper reports and found that the old gal was in surprisingly OK shape save for the ghetto green paintjob and circa 1996 barends.
And here's the money shot of the thief taking a face-full of justice, proving that Brooklyn Machine ain't nothing to mess with...
The bad guy went to jail and the bike is on its way back to Doc, so all's well that ends well except for the resulting mountain of paperwork that keeps our government running smoothly.