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Monday, November 8, 2010

Gangsta' forks are back!

We finally got around to making another batch of Gangsta' forks. These are the original version that have been out of production for some time now. Plans are to make these well into the future, so hopefully they will be in stock with some regularity.  While not necessarily meant for the demands of modern trick riding, these forks do have a distinctive look and toughness that stands out on a variety of frames.  Axle to crown height is 410mm. MSRP is $195 and standard colors are black or clear-coat. Cantilever brake mounts can be added for an additional $25 as well.  Give us a call or email to order yours.

Handmade at 16 Powers St. in Brooklyn, NY USA.
The fork legs are seamless, cold-drawn, 4130 "ProMoly Streamline Tubing"  made in the USA by  Plymouth Tube Co.

While not as tough as our "cluster-fork", there's still plenty of beef on these, compared to most forks.