Tuesday, February 3, 2009

400 vs. 1

Last weekend the good folks in Minneapolis continued the tradition of the Stuporbowl, one of the longest-running alleycats in North America...in the middle of a Minnesota winter. This year hundreds of racers gathered in the twin cities and Brooklyn Machine Works rider Austin Horse was there to represent NYC.

23 checkpoints and a few RedBulls later, he pulled it in for the Big Apple on his trusty Gangsta Track.A full race report is up on the Bike Jerks blog, detailing insane checkpoints including a sledding hill, Cars-R-Coffins, and "2 dudes fishing".

Big thanks to Jeff Frane (the brains behind Bike Jerks and All-City) for all his hard work and giving Austin a run for his money, and everyone else who worked so hard to pull off another incredible Stuporbowl.