Friday, August 15, 2008

Like a Fat Kid Love Cake.

Hey, all you patient tall people. They have arrived!
After dozens of requests, we've finally released a limited run of the new 50 cm Gangsta Tracks- a longer, taller, gangstaer, version of our track frame, akin in fit to a square 57/58cm.
Email the shop for details on ordering and final geometry. Standard colors and options apply.

For everyone in the Tri-State news area (regardless of what size Brooklyn they ride) remember that our newly bike friendly mayor Michael Bloomberg has, amazingly, asked citizens of New York City to join a social experiment and reclaim city streets this summer. Tomorrow and next Saturday, Park Avenue from 79th street down Lafayette to the Brooklyn Bridge will be entirely closed to cars, trucks, and commercial traffic, allowing free reign for bikes and foot traffic.
With another million people expected to flock to the city in the next five years, it's an exceptional step forward to help visualize what life in New New York can be.