Monday, June 23, 2008

Canuck Coin Purse.

The 2008 Cycle Messenger World Championships were held in Canada last week, and Brooklyn rider Austin Horse left his obligations in NYC to battle it out with professional couriers around the world.

He placed first in the Alleycat, defending his title from this year's Monstertrack, and earned fourth overall for the week. Congratulations!

Photo courtesy of Doug D. of Hardcourt Polo. Check out more coverage of the CMWC and Austin's continued refusal get a haircut here, and here.

Big props to the organizers for running a tight ship with none of the confusion from last year.
(Special thanks goes out to Austin's hosts in Montreal who gave him valuable lessons about life up north. For instance: Be kind to ugly strippers - small denomination Canadians dollars are minted in coin, so those strippers that don't leave the stage with $100 bills tucked into their G-strings have incredible upper body strength after lugging sacks of change home every night. They'll mess you up.)