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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yo Welli.

With his knee recovering well after last year's surgery, Anson Wellington and crew are planning on shooting a new video next season featuring NYC's hottest riders hitting up the best spots the city has to offer. Of course he'll be rockin' his final version of the ACL street, which will be slated for production later this season.

Check back here for video as it comes in.

The shop is still buzzing along with the current run of the Gangsta; for those of you that pre-odered a 40, here's a shot of Seth's progress on your frames.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Still smokin',,,

Another of the 4 protos for 08......designed, cut, welded, and tested (again and again and again ) right here in Brooklyn.
We'll be releasing new models for production throughout the year once we get the greenlight from our test riders, so check back to see what we've come up with.

Also, we've extended our production run of Gangstas (again...) to cover new orders, so call or Email the shop for options and deposits. For this run we're offering 3 stock color options of Jet Black, Fire Engine Red, and Gowanus Green.
As always, custom flavors are available for an upcharge, so call or Email the shop to discuss your options.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mo' Stickaz, Mo' Promblemz.

Decal flavors for the start of 08 are (in descending order) :
Red on white, white on red, gray on white, white on gray, black on white, white on black, green on white, white on green, and Cherry Garcia.
Full frame decal kits are available for $15 which includes 2 downtube, 1 headtube, 1 seattube, 1 small chainstay, and 1 large chainstay vinyl die-cut and shipping to the continental US.

They look great on any frame and are a great way to update the look of your Trapper Keeper.You'll probably get a few extras for your support.

In other news, it feels like 14degrees Fahrenheit outside, making us dream of last weekend when it was only 32 and we could hit the trails without having to wear a parka and 6 pairs of wool socks.

Austin suggests peeing on your hands to keep your fingers warm.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Huck Monkey

Late season racing photos have trickled in, including some action shots of the SR6 taking the inside line, showing it's mettle as a short course DH/Super D sled as well as a heavy-duty trailbike.
Visit HuckMonkey in the UK for a bike check. We'll also have a full rundown of our final lineup very soon.
Here is one box of the machined aluminum pieces we sent out to complete everyone's park, SR6, and custom proto frame orders. Once they come back from anodizing, all you'll have to do is pick a frame color and/or shock and pray for safety in the hands of UPS delivery.

In the meantime you can get rad gnar pitted with this flash game someone sent us (note: s/he ain't riding a BROOKLYN!):

Saturday, January 12, 2008

On screen.

For everyone that called in yesterday with their 46cm Gangsta order, here is a shot of Seth getting sideways with the TIG welder starting on your front triangles:
For more BROOKLYN action, check out the NYC premiere of the Bootleg Sessions this Sunday at Galapagos right here in the neighborhood. Burd and crew have worked their asses off for this film and we can't wait to see what they've come up with.
In other shop news we've been readying an order for our friends in England, packing up the new SR6 and a custom project 26" for dirt jumper Jim Davage.
Here she is all wrapped with enough foam to insulate a pipeline... ironic considering the beat down it's going receive once she crosses the Atlantic.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Lazy Sunday.

After only a few weeks of editing, the Bootleg Sessions DVD has been wrapped up and released for distribution, begging the question of what took so long for the west coast HASH crew to release their film.
Regardless, the DVD is available online or in select shops throughout the country, so even if you have an excuse to stay inside, you don't have a reason to miss out on this footage. Here's a sneak peek:

On the subject of bootlegs, we got this spy pic of a BKLYN doppelganger from the Giller family in Australia, defaming our good name. Our stance is that trikes are for Shriners and two year olds! Expect a down under cease and desist order soon...

Friday, January 4, 2008

Clean Slate

We started the New Year by dismantling the SR6 jigs and getting set up for everyone's Gangsta pre-orders, yes, that means you if you put your deposit down over the holidays!

Here are your BB shells, pierced, prepped, and ready for welding:
To keep up with winter orders we've queued up a few extra in this run so you should still be able to put an order in for both sizes until the middle of January. Call for details.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Even though the temperatures dipped dropped into the teens over the weekend, the BROOKLYN crew was still out riding. Philly native Tom Lamarche sent us some pics from the first Tussle at the Tressles CX race, which he rocked on his Gangsta Track (check out the new profile cranks).

Here he is out of the holeshot

Neck and neck... is that a duct tape and paper plate race number?

Yea Boyyeee!

It wouldn't be a cross race without a few obstacles, and it wouldn't be Tom if he didn't get a little jiggy on the race course.
So be like Tom and get out and ride....all winter. Even if it's so cold that your taint freezes to your saddle, cancel your manicure, take off your skirt, and take a tip from Choppa and HTFU: